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William Behr Mueller

Moby Dick: Ahab's Revenge by William Behr Mueller | Rare: No Longer in Print | Hardcover

Moby Dick: Ahab's Revenge by William Behr Mueller | Rare: No Longer in Publication | Hardcover

"Call me Ishmael", were the mysterious opening words that signaled his entry into Captain Ahab's quest for Moby Dick. A quest that would send all, save Ishmael, to the bottom of the sea.

Ishmael survived the catastrophic end of the Pequod to spend five years haunted by the deaths of all his shipmates. He drank rum to dull the murky depths of memory and would have become another becalmed sailor had it not been for a Nantucket syndicate bent on revenge.

Ishmael held the syndicate's key to finding Moby Dick. This erstwhile sailor may have become rum-soaked but only he had the knowledge of where the white whale roamed the seven seas.

Ishmael readied Pilgrim, while a contest added a diminutive but very accurate chief harpooner to its crew.

With a fresh wind and high hopes, Pilgrim left Nantucket harbor to renew the hunt for Moby Dick.

Once again Ishmael sailed with a secretive captain, a rag-tag crew, and a harpooner whose strange behavior attracted another of the ship's company.

Sailing round the Cape of Good Hope, making port in Colombo, Hobarton and Accra, Pilgrim finally sighted the elusive Moby Dick.

Would Ishmael and the syndicate triumph at last?

715 Pages

• ISBN: 1-4033-4621-6
• Moby Dick: Ahab's Revenge

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